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However, due to the censorship brought by Abdülhamit, there is a stagnation in the field
of theater. This recession, II. It lasts until the proclamation of the Constitutional Monarchy.

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The Tanzimat theater aims at the education of the society. Artists of the Tanzimat period see
the theater as the most effective tool in

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conveying their thoughts to the society. According
to Namık Kemal, “The service of the theater

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in terms of morals; more than newspapers and
books. Theater is the most dynamic tool of the messages to be given to the nation.” Seyit
Kemal Karaalioğlu, Regarding the Tanzimat theater; “Subjects are taken from history, foreign

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countries, individual events. Traditions, customs, homeland, nation, patriotism themes are
covered. It appears between comedy and drama as it

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transitions from translations to
adaptations, from classicism to romance. When making ‘art for society’, we go to the spoken

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language, when ‘art for art’ is made, we go to beautiful and effective self-expression and
literary language.” makes its assessment. This idea of ​​Şinasi is also adopted by Namık Kemal and is constantly processed

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despite all the pressures. Although Abdulhamid became the
sultan by promising to establish the constitutional government, to have a constitution made
and to rule the country according to it, to convene the assembly and the senate, he did not How Much House Can I Afford
fulfill these promises. However, as a result of years of secret work to ensure freedom and
the efforts of intellectuals resisting oppression, II. Abdulhamid II in 1908. He has to declare
the Constitutional Monarchy.In the new period that started after 1908, theater studies accelerated. Banned plays of Tanzimat-era writers are re-enacted. The theater gains a semi-
official quality that serves the society. The foundations of the developments that prepared
the theater of the Republic were laid in this period. Artists of Servet-i Fünûn period did not
care much about the theater

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genre due to their understanding of art and the pressures and
censorship brought by Abdülhamit’s tyranny. Because Ahmet Vefik Pasha, who gave great
support to the theater, was dismissed, and the Gedik Pasha Theater was demolished due to
the play of the play called Çerkez Özdenler, written by Ahmet Mithat Efendi. However, artists give some theatrical works after 1908. Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil writes Kabus, which is not as
successful as his novels. He published two adaptations under the titles Fare and Füruzan.
Cenap Sahabettin also wrote two plays under the titles Yalan and Körebe. Yusuf Ziya Ortaç,
Halit Fahri Ozansoy, Hüseyin Suat are among the writers who produced plays after 1908. In chase online banking
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this period, subjects are usually chosen from the family circle. In this period, the
establishment of Darülbedâyi (1914), alongside private theaters, was an important stage in
the development of theatre. Darülbedâyi (Fine Arts School); It is an institution that will train
artists, provide theater education, and school theater. Andre Antoine (Andre Antuvan), one
of the famous directors of the French theater,

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is brought to the head of this institution. Here, lessons such as reading, pronunciation, drama, dance, and literature are given, and
important theater people are trained. Our famous theater man Muhsin Ertuğrul also teaches
at Darülbedayi. Later (1927-1928) he was appointed as the head of Darülbedayi and made
great contributions to the establishment of the contemporary theatre. Until this period,

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female actors were chosen from minorities With the appearance of Muslim actress Afife
Jale for the first time, the stage path was opened for Muslim women.In the period of
National Literature, the Turkism movement is felt more in the theater. But it is war years.
There are also economic problems, pessimism and intimidation. These are also reflected in

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the theatre. Political and documentary plays, criticism of the autocracy, palace life, social
dramas and family dramas attract attention in the theater.